About CCE Project

The project aims to create awareness on the concept, challenges and opportunities in creative economy. Students, graduates and young entrepreneurs in the UK and Ukraine are welcome to participate in project events. During the project the entrepreneurial training for those involved in creative enterprises and those who are interested in creating new businesses will be provided.

The web portal is platform to support and connect existing and new creative entrepreneurs in the UK and Ukraine, so they can collaborate and share knowledge.

Through knowledge transfer, capacity building, pilot training, and launching of Centre of the Creative Entrepreneurship Development, the project outputs include:
1. Raised awareness among the target groups in the UK and Ukraine – this is achieved through various promotion programmes including road shows, short training programmes, web site and portal, short promotion leaflets, social media promotional messages, etc.
2. New skills development – students in creative subject may lack of the knowledge, understanding and skills from the business creation perspective. As the result of the partnership project, the students will develop new skills in marketing especially digital marketing, customer relationship management, innovation and entrepreneurship, use of emerging digital technologies in creative sector, etc.
3. New abilities – be able to critically analyse opportunities within the sector and in turn create employment in their local regions.
4. Innovative new teaching and training modules – development of new innovative teaching modules using emerging digital technologies to enhance the students and young entrepreneurs entrepreneurial and innovation skills.