Project Team

Yanqing Duan, University of Bedfordshire
Yanqing Duan is a professor of Information Systems. She received her BSc (Mechanical Engineering) and MSc
(Systems Engineering) from China Agricultural University and her PhD from Aston University, UK

Yanqing’s research includes the development, use and impact of emerging ICTs, the design and applications of online decision
support and e-learning tools. She has been the principal applicant for a number of EU funded projects on training needs
identification and development of web-based training tools to enhance knowledge and improve skills for managers and

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Yongmei Bentley, University of Bedfordshire
Yongmei Bentley is Principal Lecturer in Logistics. She received her MSc in Marketing Management and PhD in
Information Systems Management from the University of Bedfordshire, UK

Yongmei has worked on several EU-funded projects with colleagues and partners from Europe and China. The projects
include: creating entrepreneurs in agri-food businesses, supply-chain management, applications of ICTs, and course

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Patricia Wilson, University of Bedfordshire

Patricia has 40 years business experience in corporate, public and privately owned small business. Key skills areas
include operations management and process improvement.
In 2003 founded a small award winning consultancy practice working with start-ups and small business owners
and teams improving operational performance. Start Up support and career transition from corporate positions to
starting a venture have been a key service offering. Patricia’s calm approach is valued by business owners who are
skilled in their area of expertise but lacking in business knowledge or training.
In 2009 joined the University as a Visiting Lecturer at the time of the first February delivery of the BA (Hons)
Business Management. Now employed as a full time, Senior Tutor, Patricia is Acting Portfolio Lead for Business
Management and Business Studies degree courses, which is delivered in multiple locations. The main areas of
interest are in retention and progression of students on these courses.
Patricia delivers first year business units, a second year specialist unit, Entrepreneurship and Leadership of
Business Ventures and supports final year students with Dissertation supervision. As part of the Innovation and
Enterprise Department Innovation Bridge work Patricia has delivered funded consultancy to local small business
in the local area.
Patricia is on the Board of Trustees of Active Luton, Luton’s leading sport and leisure trust whose remit is to
improve the lives of Luton’s residents. Aside from general support, assists with the marketing and HRM sub

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Olena Iarmosh, Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy
Olena Iarmosh is a dean of Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Educational technologies. She received her
MSc Management from Ukrainian engineering pedagogics academy and PhD of Physics and Mathematics from
the A. Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Olena get involved in different social and cultural projects such us “Hub of social activities”, “Culture Line”, “Day of
Music”, “Feeling Blues Festival” etc. Last two years she was a member of the Expert Council of the City Competition for
Students’ Projects “Kharkiv is the City of Youth Initiatives”. Olena is a Enactus students’ team coach for 7 years (Enactus –
the world’s largest experiential learning platform dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators).

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Kristina Babenko, Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy
Kristina is a Head of the Department of Management. She received her MSc (Mathematics) from Berdyansk State
Pedagogical University and another MSc (Management) from Zaporyzhia State University, and PdD of Physics
and Mathematics from V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine.

Kristina is a coordinator of students’ StartUp Club supported by YEP!Starter. (YEP!Starter – Ukrainian-Estonian
entrepreneurship program, aimed to create your own startup with the help of business mentors. Program is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia). Has a 10 years’ entrepreneurship experience in the field of creative industries (craft).

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