Learning entrepreneurship

There is a full presentation of the Create Creative Entrepreneurs Training Course. Download it here to know more about the following sessions and Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:

Session 1. Characteristics and Skills of Entrepreneurs

  • Ability to define entrepreneurship
  • Recognise the personal, interpersonal and professional traits required to be a entrepreneur
  • Understand the soft skills required to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Analyse results of a self evaluation tool

Session 2. Team Theory

  • Analyse teamwork skills
  • Сonduct analysis of a business using relevant tools and techniques, personal or interpersonal situations

Session 3. Design Thinking. Opportunity Recognition and Solution Generation

  • Develop a critical awareness of the design thinking process and have the ability to demonstrate a range of tools and techniques used to stimulate creative and lateral thinking
  • Demonstrate an understanding of your customers’ needs
  • Implement body storming and story boarding techniques
  • Develop a prototype using a range of tools and mediums

Session 4. Communications

  • Demonstrate an understanding and have the skills to communicate and operate effectively in a working environment
  • Design and deliver a professional oral presentation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of effective communication strategies that will aid them in developing their business

Session 5. Business Planning

  • Demonstrate an understanding of a business model and lean start up tools and understand how to use them to create insights and interpretations
  • Understand the importance of business planning and the ability to develop a business plans